Catering Menu

Our Catering Trays are meant to feed 10-15 people

For on-site banquet packages, please see our Banquet Menu.

Dolma 30 pieces$40 
OctopusMarket Price 
Merguez Lamb Sausage 20 pieces$55 
Sicilian Rice Balls 30 pieces$50 
Penne Vodka$40 
Ouzo Mussels$50 
Fried Feta Cheese Zucchini Cake 15 pieces$45 
Roasted Vegetable Moussaka$45 
Crispy Lamb Empanada 15pieces$40 
Romaine Lettuce$40 
Pistachio Goat Cheese$40 
Farro Salad$40 
Lentil Salad$40 
Quinoa Roasted Beet Salad$40 
Bulgar Salad$40 
Homemade Gnocchi$80 
Shrimp and Long Island Clams$150 
Lamb Shank 15 pieces$150 
Wild Cod$100 
Chicken Artichoke$80 
Lamb or Chicken Kofta$90/ $80 
New Zealand Rack of LambMarket Price 
Lamb Tagine$100 
Spanish Paella$150 
Grilled Wild Salmon$150 
Moroccan Chicken$90 
Fish Tagine$150 


Deposits, Breakage, Pick-Up and Delivery Fees Apply to Rentals

Tables & AccessoriesPrice
Wire Racks w/Sternos$6
8 Foot Banquet Tables$9
60″ Round Tables$10
High-Top Cocktail Tables$9
Napkins (Choice of Color)$.50/each
Table Cloth (Choice of Color)Price
85″ x 85″$12
60″ x 120″$12
72″ x 72″$10
90″ Round$18
120″ Round$16
China, Silverware & GlasswarePrice
Dinner Plate$.75/each
Salad Plate$.50/each
Dessert Plate$.50/each
Bread and Butter Dish$.50/each
Appetizer Plate$.50/each
Water Glass$.50/each
All-Purpose Glass$.50/each
Wine Glass$.50/each
Champagne Flute$.60/each
Soup Spoons$.40/each

*Plus $25 per Flavor