Directions to Lemon

How to Get to Lemon

Lemon Mediterranean Restaurant is located at 3475 Route 9, Freehold, NJ 07728.

Find us in the THREE BROOKS Plaza

Over the years, as the population of the Freehold area has boomed, shopping centers and stoplights have grown up along Route 9.

Sometimes, they’re right on top of each other. The Three Brooks Intersection is one such awkward intersection.

If this is your first time visiting Lemon, please note that the parking lot entrance can be difficult to find even with directions or a GPS.

Detailed directions for entering the parking lot are included below.

From Points North:

Traveling south on Route 9, you’ll notice that all turns are from the right lane. As you approach Lemon, you’ll see a “Left and U-Turn” lane on the right.

Stay in the right-most lane as you enter this turn lane. (You won’t be able to enter the parking lot from the left-most lane.)

Route 9 and the Three Brooks Intersection stoplight will be directly in front of you. Three Brooks Plaza, where Lemon is located, is directly across the intersection. 

You may even be able to see Lemon from there, on the right-most corner of the building.

Proceed straight across the intersection and make a slight left turn, but instead of completing your left turn onto Route 9 North, make an immediate right turn into the Three Brooks Plaza parking lot. Lemon will be to your right, on the corner of the building.

Don’t worry if you miss this right turn. You can always go another 100 feet on Route 9 North to the very next turn onto Three Brooks Road. Make a right turn onto Three Brooks Road, and you will see the rear entrance to the parking lot on your right. Turn into the lot, and then make a right and a left to proceed around the building to Lemon, which is on the corner furthest from that rear entrance.

From Points South:

If you’re traveling north on Route 9, you’ll see Three Brooks Plaza on your right as you approach the Three Brooks Intersection light.

The driveway entrance to the plaza’s parking lot is practically underneath the stoplight, just a few feet past the center of the intersection. Keep an eye open for the entrance and make an immediate right turn into the parking lot.

If you miss the entrance, don’t worry. You can always turn right at the next available turn onto Three Brooks Road, and then make another right into the rear entrance of the Three Brooks Plaza parking lot. 

Turn right and then left to make your way around the building to Lemon, which is on the corner furthest from that rear entrance.